Covid-19 Updates

  • Reduced class sizes when possible with minimal breaks 

  • Wiping and sanitizing of hard surfaces (including acro mats) daily. Cleaning service once a week for summer, twice a week for fall.

  •  Students will be required to wear a mask entering and leaving the building. Masks must be worn entering every classroom and can not be taken off until 6 feet of social distance is achieved.  Teachers will wear masks.

  • X's on the floor have been marked in each room 7 ft apart to assure over 6 ft of
    social distancing.

  • The waiting room will be temporarily closed. Waiting room chairs are spread out for individual dancers use.

  • Students must use hand sanitizer at the hall entrance. Students must again use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the studio. 

  • All water bottles must be labeled and brought into class with dancers.

  • Health screenings including temperature monitoring of staff at the beginning of each day. Dancers' temperatures will be taken daily. Dancers will be dismissed if they present any cautionary symptoms (temp exceeding 100.4)

Dancing our way together

through COVID-19 times