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Dance session for fall begins the month of September and is completed at the end of June after the annual recital. Payments are due monthly by the 15th of the month. A one time registration fee is due per family of $25 per year. Accounts can be frozen only upon doctors note. Proper notification must be given if accounts need to be cancelled or frozen for any reason. Payments must be made for services rendered prior to date of notification.

Dress Code

DDA does not have a specific dress code. All dancers shall wear dance attire for classes. Leotards, tights, leggings, sport bras, spandex shorts, and dance skirts are acceptable forms of dance clothing. Hair must be up for all classes and in a bun for ballet.

Acro – Dance Attire, barefoot

Ballet/Pointe – Pink tights, leotard, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun

Competition Classes – Dance Attire, required shoes for each style

Contemporary –  Dance attire, barefoot

Hip Hop – Dance Attire, sneakers

Lyrical – Dance Attire, turners

Tap – Dance attire, tap shoes


Classroom policies

Please be on time to the scheduled class

No chewing gum

No cell phones in the classroom

All bags and accessories to be kept in designated areas

Fun is allowed at all times


Make Up Policy

Attending all classes is very important. If a student misses due to illness he or she may take an equivalent class at another time. Makeups can also be used for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

Please see Studio Calendar for important dates and closings

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