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2024 Competition Schedule

Turn It Up (Feb 2024)



High Platinums- 12

Lovely Lines Award- “Footprints” Savannah and Zoey

100 % Potential Award- Fierce Carsen

Heart Of Gold Award (Partnered with Dance for a Cure)- Shea

Most Entertaining Award of 12 & Under- Wepa Remix- Quinn

It Factor Award- Dangerous Eva

Complete Commitment Award- AJ


Novice Mini Solo- 1st Carsen, 3rd Shea

Novice Mini Duo/Trio- 1st Rainbow Rylee/Ari

Interm Mini Solo- 3rd Gracie

Interm Mini Duo/Trio- 1st Mean Girls

Novice Junior Solo- 1st Bella

Interm Junior Solo- 7th Quinn, 12th Amelia

Advanced Junior Solo- 6th AJ, 7th Zoey

Advanced Teen Solo- 15th Eva P

Advanced Teen Duo/Trio- 4th Zoey/Savannah 


Royal Dance Competition (Mar 2024)


Ruby: 4
Diamond: 38
Blue Diamond: 10

Judges Awards: Sammy, Quinn, Brooke, Brianna,

Alyssa, Zoe F, Cassidy, Zoey H, Giovanna, Rainbows (Aryanna/Rylee)

Royalty Award: Speak Up
Judges Choice Lyrical/Contemp: Fires
Choreography Award: Insane
Determined Dancers Award: 5 Stages of Grief
Andy’s Home Award: Toy Story

MSA Talent: Gracie 
MVD: Brianna 
Unleashed Passion Award: AJ
Scholarships: Eva P, Maddy, Lorelei 
The Reign Invitation: Alyssa, Eva S, Grace, Eva P, Zoey H

Small Group: 1st (Barbie Girl)

Novice Solo: 8th (Carsen), 6th (Shea)
Novice Duo/Trio: 1st (Rainbows)
Intermediate Solo: 3rd (Amelia), 2nd (Gracie)
Intermediate Duo/Trio: 1st (Mean Girls)
Intermediate Small Group: 1st (Hard Knock Life)

Novice Solo: 9th (Cassidy), 6th (Eloni), 4th (Giovanna), 3rd (Aryanna), 2nd (Anabella)
Novice Duo/Trio: 4th (Summer Nights)
Intermediate Solo: 9th (Nina), 8th (Quinn)
Intermediate Duo/Trio: 7th (The 30th)
Intermediate Small Group: 6th (Toy Story), 5th (Older)
Intermediate Large Group: 4th (Hamilton), 1st (Insane)
Competitive Solo: 10th (Zoey H), 4th (Eva P)
Competitive Small Groups: 2nd (Miss Congeniality), 1st (Fires)

Intermediate Solo: 4th (Sammy)
Advanced Large Group - 1st (5 Stages of Grief)

Advanced Solos - 4th (Grace), 3rd (Alyssa), 1st (Eva)
Advanced Small Groups - 3rd (Blow), 2nd (Hyperfixation), 1st (Speak Up)

Starpower (Mar  2024)


5 stars: 2
5 star premiere: 20
5 star elite: 4

Judges Awards: Eva P (“Breathtaking Award”), Savannah (“Fierce Female Power Award”), Shea (“Beauty & Grace Award”) 
Powerpak Award: Gracie, Katie, Quinn, Savannah
Wild Dance Intensive Scholarship Winner: 5 Stages of Grief
Discovery Spotlight Scholarship: Lorelei 
Choreography Award: Hyperfixation
Golden Ticket Winners: 5 Stages of Grief, Speak Up

3rd(Shea), 2nd (Carsen) level 1 solo; 2nd(Rainbow) level 1 duo; 1st(Gracie) level 2 solo; 1st (Mean Girls) level 2 trio 

4th (Bella) level 1 solo; 6th (Gia) 5th (Quinn) 4th (Amelia) level 2 solo; 3rd (AJ) level 3 solo; 2nd (The 30th) level 3 trio

2nd (Audrina) level 1 solo; 9th(Nina) 8th(Katie) 5th(Savannah) 1st(Olivia) level 2 solo; 5th (5 stages of Grief) level 3 small group

8th (Lorelei), 5th (Maddy) level 2 solo; 12th(Eva) level 3 solo; 7th (Blow), 6th (Hyperfixation), 3rd (Speak Up) level 3 small group 

Starpower Hartford (Apr 2024)


Starpower Talent Results
5 stars-13
5 star premiere- 33
5 star elite- 5
Battle of the Seas Scholarship winner: Eva S
Discovery Spotlight Scholarship winners: Alyssa, Aryanna T, Carsen
Power pak Invites: AJ, Eva S, Gracie, Olivia, Luanna
Powerpak Scholarship winners: AJ, Gracie
Wild Intensive Scholarship winners: DDA (studio), Luanna
Judges Awards: Alyssa (Power & Passion) Audrina (Mesmorizing Moments), Hardknock Life (Early Morning Energy), Insane (Commitment to character), Quinn (Sparkling Energy), Savannah/Zoey (Dynamic Duo)
Highest Scoring Regional Hip Hop: Toy Story 
Entertainment Award: Toy Story 
Choreography Award: Hyperfixation
SDA Regional Winner: Older
World’s Golden Ticket Winners: 5 Stages of Grief, Barbie Girl, Fires, Hamilton, Hardknock Life, Hyperfixation, Older

2nd(Shea), 3rd(Carsen), 5th(Teagan) level 1 solos; 3rd(Gracie) level 2 solo; 2nd(Ari/Rylee) level 1 duo; 1st(Mean Girls) level 2 trio; 1st(Barbie Girl) level 1 small group; 1st(Hardknock Life), 2nd (Storm is Coming) level 2 small group

2nd(Cassidy), 4th(Eloni), 5th)Bella), 6th (Giovanna) level 1 solo; 1st(Luanna), 2nd(Brianna), 5th(Amelia), 10th(Quinn) level 2 solo; 6th(AJ), 10th(Zoey) level 3 solo; 1st(Grace/Meadow) level 1 duo; 3rd(The 30th), 5th(The shining) level 3 duo/trio; 3rd (Fires), 5th(Toy Story), 7th(Miss Congeniality) level 3 small group; 1st(Hamilton) level 2 large group; 5th(Insane) level 3 large group

1st(Audrina), 7th(Ary) level 1 solo, 1st(Olivia), 2nd(Nina), 4th(Savannah), 10th(Sammy) level 2 solo; 4th(Eva P) level 3 solo; 8th(Savannah/Zoey) level 3 duo; 1st(Older) level 2 small group, 9th(5 Stages of Grief) level 3 large group

9th(Eva S) level 3 solo, 5th(Hyperfixation), 9th(Speak Up) level 3 small group

DreamMaker (Apr 2024)

4 3/4 Stars: 8
5 Stars: 35
5 Star Elite: 8

PowerPak Scholarships: Alyssa, Luanna 

PowerPak Invites: Alyssa, Audrina, Brooke,  Eva P, Eva S, Katie, Luanna, Olivia, Sammy, Zoey H

“Better then a movie” award - The Shining
“Captivating connection”- Fires
“Passionate Performer Award”- AJ
Choreography Awards: Storm is Coming & 5 Stages of Grief 
WDC Golden Ticket Winners: Barbie Girl, A Storm is Coming, Fires, Older, 5 Stages of Grief, Hyperfixation, 

3rd (Shea), 4th (Teagan), 6th (Carsen) level 1 solo; 8th (Gracie) level 2 solo; 5th (Rainbow), 6th (Mean Girls)level 2 duo/trio; 2nd (Barbie Girl) level 1 small group; 1st (Storm is Coming), 3rd (Hardknock Life) level 2 small group 

1st (Cassidy), 2nd (Bella), 4th (Giovanna), 5th (Eloni), 6th (Kiera) level 1 solo; 2nd (Luanna), 9th (Quinn) level 2 solo; 1st (Grease) level 1 duo/trio; 8th (The 30th) level 3 duo/trio; 5th (Fires) level 3 small group; 1st (Hamilton), 6th (13 Going on 30) level 2 large group; 6th (Insane) level 3 large group 

2nd (Aryanna) level 1 solo; 1st (Brooke), 2nd (Sammy), 5th (Katie), 6th (Zoe F), 7th (Olivia), 9th (Savannah), 10 (Audrina) level 2 solos; 10th (Eva P) level 3 solo; 6th (Zoey/Savannah) level 3 duo; 5th (Older) level 2 small group; 1st (5 Stages of Grief) level 3 large group 

6th (Maddy) level 2 solo; 8th (Eva S) level 3 solo; 5th (Hyperfixation), 6th (Speak Up), 7th (Blow) level 3 small groups


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