Royal Dance Competition

(Solos/Trios Only)

Blue Diamonds (95-100): 4

Diamonds (90-95): 

Rubys (85-90): 3

Judges Awards

Terrific Plus- Alyssa Santa Lucia, Ashlyn West, Valentina Santoro (Fires)

Breath of Fresh Air- Erin Ruggiero (Rainbow)

Great New Beginnings - Lexi Dumanovsky (Red Ribbon)

Heart & Soul- Sophia Hawkins (Dear Nana)

Emotion Plus + Commitment To Character- Victoria Abruzzese ("His Daughter, Happy Together"

Overall Competition Awards

Outstanding Studio Award- excellence in choreography and performances

Technique Award-Ashlyln West

High Score Soloist Winner- Sophia Hawkins


Mini (8 & under)

1st place Novice Solo

Junior (9-12)

2nd Place Intermediate Solo

1st & 7th Place Advanced Solos

1st Place Advanced Trio

Teen (13-15)

6th & 9th Place Advanced Solos

Senior (16-18)

1st & 6th Place Advanced Solos